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DEFLOR was founded in 1984 to operate in the area of forest protection and pest management. Afterwards, it reached the area of dam hydraulic cleaning and recovery of degraded areas.
Currently, DEFLOR manufactures anti-erosion biodegradable blankets and sediments retainers based on vegetable and coconut fibers, sold in Brazil and abroad.

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Course: Erosion and Sediment Control
DEFLOR periodically offers the course: Erosion and Sediment Control. Such course is divided into 2 stages; the first one, is entirely theoretical, covering subjects such as geotechnics applied to bioengineering, the vegetation effects on the embankment and slopes stability, criteria for bioengineering projects, among others. The second stage consists of a visit to the works, with practical presentation of sowing techniques, bio-blankets application and sediment retainers. Attendance certificates are awarded at the end of the course.
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