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Translucent and flexible biotextile, consisting of dehydrated dewatered fibers (straw), which are interwoven by means of a longitudinal industrial seam, with degradable resistant polypropylene yarns, forming a resistant web incorporated into resistant polypropylene nets, which may be one-dimensional (U) or two-dimensional (B), giving this product high strength. Wrapped in reels and packed by plastic wrap.
Bioengineering projects, degraded areas, pipelines, airports, highways, railroads, residential and industrial projects, mining, watercourses, low-flow canals, bogs, fields, lawns, mid-slope slopes and embankments, nature soils silty or sandy and with medium susceptibility to erosion. It is manufactured in three different types:

400UP Biotextile Screen ([block]2[/block])
Antierosive Straw Blanket

500BP Biotextile Screen ([block]3[/block])
Antierosive Straw Blanket

600BP Biotextile Screen ([block]4[/block])
Antierosive Straw Blanket