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Erosion is the detachment, transport and deposition of sediments by the action of water or wind. The recovery of erosive outbreaks is now a seriously considered item in all enterprises, ensuring the preservation and environmental compliance with the responsible agencies.
Soil loss, erosion susceptibility and erodibility index calculations are required to determine which product to apply. The choice of the safest and most economically viable alternative depends on specific projects for each situation.

DEFLOR BIOENGENHARIA performs various techniques that assist in Sediment Retention, such as:
• Vetiver Grass Living Barriers
• Bermalonga® and Beret Vetiver grass artificial shoulders
• Gabion
• Retaining wall
• Green Stapled Soil
• Wooden Palisades
• Protective windrows
• Green Rip-Rap Bag: Cement
• Prefabricated drainage
• Protection and restoration of watercourse margins