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Specialized in plant suppression for the implementation of large projects, Deflor has specific equipment for the suppression of trees of any size with the use of equipment such as Feller Buncher and logger excavators. We trace trees with Harvesters and Tracer Claws for their final destination at any length, regardless of diameter, and making the most of the wood. We transport and stack all the wood with Forwarders, Forest Cranes and Forest Trucks. Forest waste without commercial value can be shredded with Forest Shredders and biomass incorporated into the soil providing a high added value byproduct for use in environmental projects.
After the clearing is completed, top soil scraping is performed with crawler tractors and the areas are fully cleared for earthmoving and civil works. Vegetation suppression in large areas is commonly required in mining projects, dams, transmission lines, hydroelectric plants, wind and solar parks, among others.