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Anti-erosion biodegradable blankets are industrially manufactured from plant fibers, straw, coconut fiber and synthetic fibers. Fibers are industrially sewn forming a resistant mesh, protected by polypropylene or jute nets, which allows degradability to be programmed. Anti-erosion biodegradable blankets allow immediate soil protection until the vegetation is re-established.

See main advantages

– Immediate soil protection against surface erosion
– Acts as mulch for seed germination
– Increases the soil cation exchange capacity
– Reduces erosiveness and incorporates organic matter into the soil
– Has programmable degradation
– Reduces soil water evaporation
– Reduces direct sunlight over the soil
– Anchors seeds, fertilizers, mulch and top-soil
– Reduces surface water flow
– Favors water infiltration into the soil
– Reduces sediment carriage into waterways
– Allows planting during the dry season
– Incorporates and maintains nutrients in the soil
– Immediately improves the view of degraded areas
– Accelerates the re-vegetation process
– Blocks wind erosion
– Protects waterway, reservoir and canal margins

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