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Straw fiber (P), mixed fiber – straw and coconut fiber (M) and coconut fiber (F) biotextile interlaced using a longitudinal an industrial thread with resistant polypropylene nets. The Blanket can be unidimensional (U) or bidimensional (B) and may include a third mesh to become tridimensional (T). This mesh is UV-ray resistant and is mechanically strong and durable. It is coiled and packaged in a plastic film.


Special projects to minimize large scale environmental damage, bioengineering projects, waterway and hydraulic dam margin protection, highways, railways, airports, polyducts, high flow drainage, mining operations, swamps, marshes, slopes, landfills (any gradient), soils highly susceptible to erosion, sanitary and industrial waste landfill protection. Three different types are manufactured:

Sintemax Blanket 400TF (technical manual)
Tridimensional straw anti-erosion biodegradable blanket

Sintemax Blanket 500TM (technical manual)
Tridimensional anti-erosion biodegradable blanket straw/fiber (mixed)

Sintemax Blanket 600TP (technical manual)
Tridimensional straw anti-erosion biodegradable blanket

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