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Erosion is sediment being loosened, carried and deposited by water or wind. Currently, recovering erosion gullies is seriously computed in all projects, ensuring preservation and environmental compliance with the competent bodies.
Calculations on soil loss, susceptibility to erosion and erodibility index are needed to determine which product should be applied. Choosing a safer and viable alternative from an economic point of view depends on specific projects for each situation.
DEFLOR BIOENGINEERING performs various techniques which contribute to retaining sediments such as:

  • Live barriers of vetiver grass
  • Artificial berms with Bermalonga® and vetiver grass
  • Gabion
  • Retaining wall
  • Nailed green soil
  • Stockades
  • Protective windrows
  • Green sacked sand-cement riprap
  • Prefabricated drainage
  • Protection and recovery of waterways margins