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Anti-Diving Biomantasts are manufactured industrially from vegetable fibers (agricultural straw, coconut fiber) and synthetic fibers. The fibers are industrially sewn, forming a resistant weft, protected by polypropylene or jute mesh, or allowing to program their degradability.
How Biomantas Antierosivas protected the soil, until the vegetation is established.

• Protect the soil against surface erosion;
• Serve mulch for seed germination;
• Increase the cation exchange capacity of the soil;
• Reduce erodibility and incorporate organic matter into the soil;
• has programmable degradation;
• Reduces evaporation of soil water;
• Reduces direct sunstroke on the soil;
• Anchors seeds, fertilizers, mulch and top soil;
• Reduces surface runoff of water;
• Favor water infiltration in the soil;
• Reduce sediment development for watercourses;
• Allows planting in dry seasons;
• Improved visual appearance of degraded areas;
• Rapid proportion of revegetation process;
• Prevent wind erosion;
• Protect water margins, reservoirs and drainage channels.

Slope Regularization; Dyeing, Fertilization and Sowing;
Application of Anti-erosive Blankets