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Erosion at an advanced stage of degradation in a depleted mining area, with rainwater falling over the entire area, with no drainage system at all.
Bioengineering techniques were used for erosion recovery and protection, using the following techniques:
Construction of deep drainage system with 2 x 1 m section and surface drainage on the main axis of gabion erosion for flexibility due to mass movement, and to keep drainage always running. Several artificial berms were built due to the large length of the slopes (50m), thus reducing the run-off, avoiding the formation of erosive grooves.
The erosive concavities were filled with the use of D40 bermalong, regardless of the slope and size.
For plant protection, high standard hydroseeding with grass and legume seeds based on 240 kg / ha of 11 species was used. Finally, the slope surface protection was made with a high-strength anti-adhesive bio-type mesh Sintemax 400 TF.
After 10 years of the work, the site does not seem to have had a great erosion, it is all vegetated with native plants occupying the whole area, because the adjacent areas are made up of native vegetation.