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With the mission of ensuring that our products and services will fully meet quality requirements, the Deflor Assured Quality Program has been created that can be defined as systematic plans and activities within the Integrated Management system capable of providing better record keeping. , training of employees in their areas of expertise and the best customer service regarding quality requirements for the products and services requested.

Integrated Policy

DEFLOR BIOENGENHARIA’s Environmental, Health and Safety and Quality Policy is fully in tune with its business purposes, that is, with its vision, its mission and its values ​​and represents its commitment to environmental preservation, to the health and safety of its customers. as well as customer satisfaction regarding the quality of its products and is documented and implemented as required by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards.

Declaration of the Integrated Policy of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment.

DEFLOR BIOENGENHARIA, operating in the vegetable fiber processing segments to protect the environment, recognizing the importance of the quality of its products and services, the environment for current and future generations and the safety and health of its employees, has as its objective commitment:

Comply with legislation and requirements established by customers and suppliers regarding the conservation of the environment, the health and safety of its employees and the quality of products and services offered;

Meet the needs of customers, developing activities with high quality standards;

Maintenance of the health and physical integrity of its employees, visitors and third parties; Continuously develop clean, natural and degradable technologies for environmental protection;

Continuously improve the Integrated Management System through the awareness and involvement of employees and suppliers to act sustainably.