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Bermalonga® was developed by Deflor and has been used in successful engineering works. It consists of dehydrated vegetable fibers that pass through a pressing, forming a flexible and very resistant cylinder.

Technical Features:

Draining: Plant fibers retain sediment, but allow water to pass through, not clog. Bermalonga® can be partially used as a deep drain.

Light: It has a low density, which is easy to handle in Bermalonga® with vegetable fiber equal to 100Kg / m3, which allows manual transport to hard to reach places.

Retains moisture: It has great ability to absorb and retain moisture. It absorbs about five times its weight in water. The typical Bermalonga® with a diameter of 40cm and a length of 1.60m absorbs up to 100 liters of water and weighs 20kg.

Flexible: Easily moldable where it will be applied, allowing folds and curves. When pressed, partially reduces the volume.

Bermalongas® are manufactured with diameters of 20, 30, 40 and 50cm. The standard length is 1.60m, but can go up to 10m without losing the technical characteristics.