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Biotextile consisting of straw fibers (P), mixed fibers – straw and coconut fibers (M) – and coconut fibers (F) intertwined by means of a longitudinal industrial seam with resistant polypropylene nets, which may be one-dimensional (U) or two-dimensional (B), and incorporating a third mesh giving the three-dimensional condition (T), being this mesh resistant to the action of ultraviolet rays and of great mechanical resistance and durability. Wrapped in reels and packed by plastic wrap.
Special projects to mitigate major environmental disturbances, bioengineering projects, protection of watercourse margins and reservoirs, highways, railways, airports, pipelines, high flow drainages, mining, marshlands, swamps, slopes and embankment. any slope, soils with high susceptibility to erosion, landfill protection and industrial waste. It is manufactured in three different types:
Sintemax 400TF Display (Technical Specifications)
Three-dimensional Coconut Fiber Antierosive Blanket

Sintemax 500TM Display (Technical Specifications)
Three-Dimensional Antierosive Straw / Coconut Fiber Blanket

Sintemax 600TP Display (Technical Specifications)
Antierosive Straw Blanket