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The Vetiver System has been disseminated by the World Bank to be used for slope containment, volumes, watershed protection and phytoremediation.
As Vetiver living barriers reduce runoff velocity, water infiltration into the soil profile and sediment retention to values ​​apply.
As vetiver roots form a dense net, reaching up to 5m deep, promoting over time or ground shooting effect, greater stability on the slopes.
Vetiver has multiple environmental applications: erosion control, a biological filter, phytoremediation, aquifer recharge, recovery of marginal or degraded areas.
The Vetiver System is today a low cost alternative and fast application when compared to other engineering practices.

Deflor Bioeng Engenharia is a pioneer in the large-scale production of vetiver (vetiveria zizanioides L.) seedlings in Brazil, with an annual production of five million seedlings, sold in 5 categories:

As vetiver living barriers are planted in contours, with spacing of barriers from 0.5m according to slope and soil cohesion.